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Boilers & Central Heating Facts

  • £2,500 Average new boiler installation cost.
  • 1.5 million boilers installed each year (UK)
  • 6.7% by British Gas
  • 3% by nPower

UK 2010 Boiler Scrappage Scheme

  • £50 million funding total
  • £400 voucher value
  • 125,000 voucher available

Launched in January 2010, all vouchers were sent out by March 2010

  • 28.8% of vouchers were redeemed
  • If all vouchers were used. It would save the same co2 as taking 45,000 cars off the road.

Only 36,000 new A-Rated boilers were installed using the vouchers

An A-Rated boiler can save a household up to £200 a year. Get a quote to discuss the installation of an A-Rated boiler in your home.

British Gas installed nearly 100,000 boielrs in 2009, making them the largest A-rated boiler installation company in the UK.

Gas and oil boilers make up to 16% of total UK co2 emissions.

4 million – the number of G-Rated boilers in the UK. G is the lowest rating, with an efficiency of 70% or less.

Energy suppliers were found to charge on average £812 more than small companies for a new boiler installation.

Parkes Gas & Plumbing can offer affordable boiler installations in Wakefield. Call 01924 275951 or 07786 978203 to discuss energy efficient boiler in your home.

An A-rated boiler can reduce household co2 emissions by over 1 tonne per year.

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