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Gas Central Heatings Systems – Boiler Problems Safety & Tips

3 Main Types of Gas Central Heating Systems

1. Combinations Boiler Systems

Flow of hot water is slower than systems that provide stored hot water.

Output has to be in a range of 25-30kW

2. Gravity Fed Systems

The water pressure for hot and cold taps can be quite poor as the flow depends on gravity.

Most common system installed in the UK housing

3 High Pressure Systems

Uses storged hot water system

Require high skill level among installers

Most Common Boiler Problems

  • No heat & hot water
  • Leaking & Dripping
  • Strange banging noises
  • Pilot light going out
  • Losing Pressure
  • Frozen condenstate pipe
  • Issues with thermostat
  • Not getting hot when system is on and boilers keep switching off.

Boiler Safety

It is recommended to have the boiler checked at least one a year through Gas Safety registered engineer. Parkes Gas & Plumbing are Gas Safe Registered engineers in Wakefield. Get a quote from us to discuss your annual boiler check.

Dangers of a faulty boiler:

Any heating system which runs on wood or fossil fuels such as gas, coal or oil is at risk of giving off carbon monoxide (CO) if it’s not serviced regularly or if it is faulty.

6 Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Collapse
  • Loss of consciousness

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